Characteristics of a Genuine Real Estate Cash Home Buying Company



It can be a real nightmare of having to navigate through the hundreds of cash home buying companies all claiming to have the best offer for your property. Rest assured there are very many genuine companies out there looking to do clean business with you. There is also a fair share of the dishonest ones that may want to take advantage of your situation. The following pointers should get you started in identifying the right real estate cash home buying company to deal with.

A genuine company at should be in a position to buy your house and pay for it in cash within seven to twenty-eight days when all nitty-gritty is done with. Most of the investors will claim to buy your house in as little as twenty-four hours. Unless on very rare occasions, only a few legitimate companies have the resources required to make this possible. Should you land in the wrong hands of a potential buyer, the process can be drawn out for months as they try to find a genuine buyer or as they try to secure financing through a mortgage.

To have the process go through within the stipulated timeframe, no doubt you must work with a buyer that is genuinely funded. The responsibility, therefore, is on you to sift through the companies and find that one buyer that will complete the transaction as soon as it is practically possible. One way to ascertain the legitimacy is to ask for “proof of cash funds.” A genuine cash home buying company will not hesitate to show proof. A genuine investor will also not hesitate to provide contact details of their most recent clients so you can verify their customer service levels. View this website about real estate.

Be wary of any cash home buying company like FIT Acquisitions that asks you to make any kind of upfront payment. Also be wary of any buyer that claims to give you one hundred percent of the full market value of your property. The reason for this is straightforward. Most houses will often need repairs done just so they can find a new buyer. It beats all logic, therefore, that a cash house buying company will not ask you for any upfront payments yet still buy the house as it is without deducting money for damages and repairs. Depending on the Status of the property, most genuine buyers will give you 85-90% of the market value of the property. Should a deal, therefore, seem too good to be true, it most probably is.


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